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Ladi Fatade and Kimberly Alexander Marry in New York

Two days later, with 160 guests in attendance, they had a traditional Nigerian wedding ceremony at the Foundry, an events space in Long Island City. The bride and groom and their families wore colorful Nigerian wedding clothes and headpieces sourced from Africa, some of it designed by Anu Oye in Brooklyn. Anita Clegg, an alaga, or wedding M.C., officiated a ceremony that, by the time it wrapped, had included hours of celebratory dancing with friends and extended family.


Monica Shah was Dr. Alexander’s maid of honor at both events. The love that hovered over the couple at each moved and enchanted her. “They’re two very committed people,” said Dr. Shah, also a psychologist. “At both ceremonies, you could feel how much they love each other.”


On This Day

When July 28, 2023


Where St. Bartholomew’s Church, Manhattan


Two Looks “It’s hard to pick which I loved more,” Dr. Alexander said of her two wedding ceremonies. Her white gown and her blue and gold outfit for the Nigerian wedding had what she called different personalities. But at the Foundry, “our colors were stunning. And I still looked like me.”


Global Roots Mr. Fatade’s parents have been moving between the United States and Nigeria for decades. His father, a venture capitalist, now splits his time between Atlanta and Nigeria. His mother moved to North Bergen, N.J., just before the couple met in 2020. Dr. Alexander’s parents are both retired and, in addition to hosting Sunday dinners, spend time at home with their two grandsons.


Custom Blend For both families, a church wedding was important. At the Episcopalian wedding, the couple wove Trinidadian flourishes into a reception at the church, including soca music. At the Nigerian ceremony, they served a Caribbean fusion menu featuring jerk Cornish hen and red snapper. “We wanted a nice blend of both cultures,” Dr. Alexander said.

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